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Helping build safe, secure and trustworthy workplace neighborhoods.
What We Do

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable your entire staff to help detect and prevent security, safety and ethics incidents in the workplace. We do this by:

  • Providing staff with an easier, more effective and confidential way to report concerns,
  • which increases participation in proactive efforts to prevent and detect incidents,
  • creating a greater sense of ownership in the integrity of your organization,
  • leading to a decrease in risk management costs and improved morale,
  • while ultimately helping to create a better workplace neighborhood.
Our Software

One App, Many Voices

Our One App, Many Voices approach to workplace communication works with your existing processes to help prevent security breaches, mitigate safety hazards and maintain organizational integrity. Coupled with our context-focused reporting and tracking dashboard, our mobile app empowers your entire workforce to be proactive in sharing observations that help build and maintain a better workplace neighborhood.


Detection. Prevention. Mitigation.

relevant, actionable and consistent reporting


Telephone hotlines, paper forms and email addresses miss the mark in communicating with a workforce that would rather text or use a mobile app than speak with someone directly. Clients use our app to submit, clarify or respond to tips anytime, anywhere.


More relevant, actionable and consistent reports help inform decisions that can either prevent or mitigate safety and security incidents, cyber breaches and lapses in integrity that lead to business interruptions, fraud, workplace violence, data loss, lawsuits and fines.


Our mobile app allows users to add photos, video, voice and location to produce a comprehensive report. Our dashboard facilitates anonymous follow-up with those who report concerns. Together they combine to enable a more efficient response to issues and incidents.

Why Mobile

Americans 55 and under now most often use smartphones for purposes other than making calls.

Faster Resolution

60% of firms benefit from faster resolution as a result of deploying mobile solutions.

Smartphones for Work

90% of full time American workers use their personal smartphones for work.

Start building a better workplace neighborhood.

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