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Intelligent Digital Elicitation

Conversation Management Software

Uncover more critical contextual details by powering webforms, apps and bots with digitized, expert-driven interviews


Arbor Insight's conversation management software toolkit, Intelligent Digital Elicitation,™ (IDE™) uses expert elicitation interview techniques to uncover critical, often missed contextual details from impersonal online interviews via webform, native app, web app or chatbot. 


IDE™ works by combining investigative, elicitation and human intelligence gathering techniques with proprietary algorithms via an industry-first knowledge acquisition process. The output is tailored, adaptable elicitation interviews delivered via API or webhook to your existing user interface.


Creating effective intake forms and incident reports requires more than just selecting relevant questions

When vital business decisions depend on non-experts to provide critical contextual details 

We make it easier to create and update expert-driven online interviews, supporting more timely, efficient and effective decisions than generic forms, static conversation trees or rigid skip logic. IDE™ is a perfect fit in cases where responses by non-experts to online questionnaires, surveys, forms and bots informs critical business decisions.

Why just select generic questions when IDE™ allows you to select entire interviews, designed by investigative expertise and augmented with machine learning that increase efficiency and improve outcomes?

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Intelligent Digital Elicitation

It’s not just about what users want to say, it’s about what you need to know

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