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Uncover critical contextual details by powering webforms, apps and bots with digitized expert-driven elicitation interviews

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It's not just about what users want to say, it's about what you need to know™

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When vital business decisions depend on critical contextual details provided by non-experts 

We make it easier to create and update expert-driven online intake interviews, supporting more timely, efficient and effective triage, investigation, response and resolution. Our solutions are essential when responses to online questionnaires, forms, apps and bot dialog by non-experts informs time-sensitive and critical business decisions.

Arbor Insight's conversation management software uncovers critical, often missed contextual details

Experts Panel

Maximizing the value of online report intake from non-experts requires more than building a form based on a list of generic questions. It takes decades of experience in understanding how to ask the right question, in the right order, at the right time in what experts call an elicitation interview.


We offer guided, extensible and updatable elicitation-focused intake interviews, tailored to specific issues. Our solution works by capturing decades of experience from investigations, analysis and intelligence-gathering professionals via an industry-first expert knowledge acquisition process. We then take the data provided by experts and combine it with proprietary algorithms, including machine intelligence, to create our issue-specific conversation management solutions.

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